Video In Motion For Audi S4/S5/Q5 3G+ MMI (Unlock DVD Playback)

Video in Motion

Video In Motion For Audi S4/S5/Q5 3G+ MMI (Unlock DVD Playback)

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For those wishing to view DVD's on their MMI screen, you can now do so with the Video In Motion device! Simply plug the device into your OBDII port and allow the unit to make the necessary software changes. Once the MMI screen indicates that the changes are completed, you can unplug the device from the OBDII port and enjoy DVD playback on your MMI. The factory programming limits DVD playback to below 5 mph. With the Video in Motion device, DVD playback is unlocked for all moving speeds. This unit only works with the MMI 3G+ as pictured. If you are unsure of compatibility, please contact us before ordering.

The installation process is as follows:

- Key the vehicle to the "on" position (engine not running)

- Plug the VIM device into the vehicle's OBDII port (located under the steering wheel on the left side)

- The programmer will make the necessary changes

- Reboot your MMI by simultaneously pressing and holding the SETUP, main control knob and upper right buttons. Note: For B8.5 & newer, use the main control knob, upper right soft button and TONE button.

- Once the screen is back to normal position and display, you can unplug the Video in Motion device and play DVD's through the slot in the glove compartment

*Note: Device is locked to the vehicle, so it cannot be used to program more than one car.

**It is not safe to view content while driving. It is only recommended that passengers view content on the MMI screen. Users assume liability for their use of the DVD unlock feature.

***Please note that there are no returns accepted on this item under any condition, as it will be locked to one car.

Please verify that this unit will work with your vehicle, as returns are not accepted on this item.


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