HG-Motorsport Audi A3/S3 8V Direct Replacement Intercooler Kit


HG-Motorsport Audi A3/S3 8V Direct Replacement Intercooler Kit

German engineered and computer flow optimized and dyno tested, the HG-Motorsport intercooler kit is a direct replacement for your factory unit. The intercooler kit serves two purposes: to cool air better with a higher volume and more efficient core, and to allow less restriction for air passing through the intercooler (thus minimizing pressure drop). The benefits will be greatest on tuned cars, as the added boost pressure makes the stock intercooler insufficient. 

An efficient 620mm x 409mm x 50mm bar and plate core was selected to offer optimal cooling, while minimizing pressure drop. By 3D scanning the factory location, HG-Motorsport engineers were able to develop a unit of the maximum size without requiring trimming. When compared to the stock unit, the HG-Motorsport intercooler has 30% more volume. The volume is measured using fluid to provide a truly accurate number. Be wary of calculated volume comparisons, as they only measure theoretical volume as opposed to actual displacement.

The HG-Motorsport intercooler is CAD designed with cast end tanks for optimal flow. Provisions are built into the end tanks to mount the radiator and condenser. Each intercooler kit is fully pressure tested to ensure that a leak proof unit. Please view the video below for more information on the development and quality control process.


- Made in Germany

- CAD modeled end tanks for optimal flow and distribution

- Intercooler core optimized for improved airflow with minimal pressure drop

- 30% more volume than OEM core

- No trimming required

Review from Jon M: "I'm thrilled with this unit, one of the first in the states and have been very pleased with the performance. Now that it's cooled down, my IATs are at ambient when at WOT."

Review from Peter G: "It really is the best one though. My IAT's are UNDER ambient with the current weather!"

$ 799.99