Bull-X MK7 Golf R Cast Outlet Catted Downpipe


Bull-X MK7 Golf R Cast Outlet Catted Downpipe

Featuring 3" tubing throughout with a massive 3.5" cast section at the turbo outlet, the Bull-X downpipe is for those looking to make the most power.

Other features include:

  • Made in Germany
  • T304 stainless steel left to a raw bead blasted finish to show the material quality. This also allows the downpipe to age well with little discoloration due to heat.
  • Cast outlet section for smooth airflow with no restriction. The outlet measures 3.5" on the outer diameter with a 2mm wall thickness. This allows the inner diameter to be 3.35" for maximum power.
  • 200 cell catalytic converter
    • Made exclusively by HJS for Bull-X. 
  • Includes reducer for stock exhaust. This reducer can be removed for those with a 3" cat-back, allowing the downpipe to suit multiple exhaust configurations.

*Note: This product does not fit right-hand drive vehicles

$ 899.99